15 Cost-Effective Ways to Make Your Bedroom Feel Rejuvenated

15 Cost-Effective Ways to Make Your Bedroom Feel Rejuvenated

Are you tired of walking into your bedroom and noticing the same old things for almost forever? 

We all wish to create the most comfortable and inviting space ever. You don’t need a huge budget to revamp your home. Just bring in simple changes like adding an accent wall, new throw pillow, matching bed sheets, or a colourful light bulb to make your den look refined and modern again. 

If your bedroom is due for a design update, then we are here with some trendy and timeless tips to refresh your dull-looking space. Try new styles of decorating your space –buy bright-coloured curtains to get light and optimistic energy, put wall paintings in your living space to demonstrate your personality and elegance to your guests, or get a simplistic feel in your bedroom by purchasing plain bedsheets online or in store.

 These are some of the simple decorating ideas that won’t take much time and money to pull off.  

15 Ways to Upgrade your Home on a Shoestring Budget! 

Disclaimer: Avoid making any weekend plans if you're looking forward to redecorating your bedroom. 

  1. Buy plants

Create a fresh and positive environment. 

Placing greens in one empty corner of your room can make the overall room aesthetic a lot nicer. Plants are a fantastic choice to filter and clean the air. Along with this, it also adds a subtle touch of decor and radiates energy to any dull space. 

  1. Revamp your reading spot 

Play with fabrics and shapes to brighten your reading space. 

How about creating a designated reading nook? If you don’t have any empty space left, then don’t worry. Transform your study table or design your formal living room into a cosy lounge area with books placed in a sophisticated manner. Or arrange a bookshelf in your bedroom, a wooden and covered bookshelf with sophisticated curtains and plain bedsheets would give an elegant look to your bedroom. 

Don’t forget to add some hanging souvenirs and plants to make the place look more presentable. 

  1. Make some space for a mirror 

Place the mirror in the correct place to optimise natural light. 

A fancy mirror will help you get more light bouncing around in the room, making it look spacious. Place your mirror in such a way that it doesn’t face your bed. It’s not right, if you believe in vastu then this is an essential tip for you. 

An oversized mirror will give more glimpses of your beautiful self without turning your phone camera on. 

  1. Dazzle your room with the exquisite wall tapestry  

Tapestry adds personality and visual interest to the room. 

Hang a tapestry on the wall or lay it on the ground to add warmth and texture to your bedroom. Along with hanging wall arts and paintings, hanging quilt or patterned tapestry can help to break the sluggish look. 

  1. Turn your rug upside down 

Oriental rugs are beautiful inside out. 

Isn’t it getting boring for you to see your rug at the same place for decades? 

If that’s the case, then flip your rug upside down to unveil the textural weave and expose the muted colours. You can also layer multiple rugs in one space for added patterns and visual interests. 

Add a more eccentric look to your space by complimenting with curtains, sofas and bedsheets in your home. A bright-coloured or bold-patterned rug with plain curtains and bedsheets, gives a complementing look.

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  1. Re-paint your furniture 

Time to reuse your leftover paint cans and sprays. 

Remove all your leftover paint cans lying in the storeroom and start painting your dressing table, door or any other piece of furniture for an instant refresh look. It can be anything as simple as painting the legs of your chair or the doorknob with your favourite colour. 

  1. Get rid of unwanted things 

Declutter your space. 

This is the wisest thing to do. Instead of adding elements, you might want to edit your decor to a minimum. Make room for your favourite pieces and then dump the rest into your storeroom or give in charity. We are pretty sure you will love your relatively empty bedroom. 

  1. Invest in headboard 

Headboards can be a game-changer. 

Look for a simple and affordable headboard to change the overall look of your bedroom. If you don’t feel like spending on one, then create your own by wrapping old plywood in a fabric. 

You can make about any surface look like a fancy crown for your bed. Browse for various DIY options on YouTube. 

  1. Mess with your lighting scheme 

Overhead lighting shouldn’t be your only light source. For better lighting effects, get a table lamp or floor lamp to lighten up every corner of your room. Also, placing lights at different heights around your room can add a little more pop and bring in positive vibes in the room. 

Choose your desired lighting schemes to get that vintage, bold, modern or subtle look. 

  1. Say ‘N-O’ to blinds 

Firstly, blinds are not attractive. Period! 

We know it’s super easy to put up a few curtains with a little more character. Now, it’s time to take down those age-old blinds entirely and add curtains instead. Replace it with tension rods and feel free to hang any type of curtain and a new drapery. 

  1. Refresh your bed sheets 

Nothing beats the comfort of your bedroom after a long, hectic day. Indulge in comfortable bedding by adding visual interest and texture. Bring in soft, breathable and vibrant bed sheets that can effortlessly coordinate with your home decor. 

Choose floral printed bedsheets to enhance the beauty and grace of your bedroom. For a comfortable and relaxed look, plain bedsheets are perfect too. 

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  1. Rearrange your furniture 

Make some place for rusty furniture. 

A different arrangement of furniture can enhance your bedroom. Try moving your bed to another wall or simply push your dresser into one corner and rediscover a whole new chunk of space you never thought your bedroom had. Bring in modern and timeless furniture for a chic look. 

  1. Decorate your empty spaces 

Fill in those awkward, empty spaces. 

Accessorise your bookshelf, mantel or vanity with cute tchotchkes. It’s a fun way to add such cute decorative accessories to create a vignette. Bring out all your tchotchkes collection and place it your way. 

  1. Toss some throw pillows 

Style your bed with a gorgeous arrangement of throw pillows. 

This is one of the easiest ways to freshen up your bedroom. Buy plain bedsheets online complementing some throw pillows having new colour, print, shape or design to decorate your bedroom. They’re comfortable and can be placed anywhere in the room. 

Are you happy with your sassy-looking bedroom? 

  1. Clean the clutter right away 

Spend about an hour cleaning the clutter. 

Make a habit of putting your clothes away or clean your dressing table regularly. Don’t wait to clean your room until it has turned into a complete mess. Get rid of all the clutter whenever it starts to build. This behaviour will make your life much more comfortable in the long run. 

Opt for creative storage options. Introduce versatile furniture with multiple drawers to prevent storing issues. 

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