We are rapidly moving into times where individuals prefer to be self-employed/free-lancers, or simply put, work-from-home. Hence, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that our offices are coming into our homes. Ironically, the trend of study rooms is getting lost with this movement. Rather, most of us just end up bringing our work into the bed rooms, don’t we?
Bed rooms are where we come to unwind after a long day at work. It is our daily retreat. How do we pick ourselves up from ease and tend to work? There might be some ways to change the setting around your bed space to facilitate a work-friendly atmosphere instantly.

If you won’t make the effort of going to the study, you might as well bring the study to you. If your bed room space permits it, accommodate a set of table and chair.

For those of you who would not make that effort either, or if your bed room is not spacious enough for a table and chair, get a lap table. Keep it accessible from your bed, and it will be your desk in bed. Working on a flat and sturdy surface will inspire motivation to work.

The most essential role will be played by lighting. Get enough lighting fixtures in your bed room, especially over-head. Generally bed rooms have subtle lighting, but working requires substantial illumination. The brightness will also keep grogginess at bay. If your bed is placed against windows, daytime light will be plenty.

You might want to keep some sturdy back supporting cushions around. These will come in handy when you want to switch from relax-mode to work-mode.  A strong back support will instil more inclination towards work over a comfortable bed pillow.

These simple hacks will give a renewed definition to the modern-day concept of work-from-home.

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