Colors play a significant role in décor. In the previous blog, I spoke about adding winter colors to your homes come fall. Painting your walls is easy, but here we are talking about home décor. How would you incorporate colors in your décor?
Well, we know that flowers offer a broad variety of colors. Let Mother Nature blossom your rooms with vibrant spirits. Place a bunch of flowers in vases on table tops, sills, or lonely corners around the house. You can also choose to plant them indoors for more life.
flowers for decor
Throw pillows are an easy way to update your décor in a flash. Pick out colorful covers for your throw pillows. They go well in living rooms and bedrooms. Additionally, as setting a cozy quilt on our sofas becomes a trend, that too can be color coordinated.
We all place lamps around our rooms. They too are easy to update with seasonal trends. Look for a creative lamp base in stores or just get a colorful lampshade to top off the base you already own. When lit, it will also spotlight the color in effect.
Although they go on the floors, area rugs can do a pretty good job when you want to add a dab of color to your surroundings. The market is flooded with a boundless variety of rugs. To find just the one that fits your story shouldn’t be a difficult task.
A classy element of décor is art. Paintings, sculpture, find any form of artwork and I am sure your home will tastefully accommodate it. Paintings especially are unchallenging when you are trying to bring color into the picture. This trick will allow your unadorned walls to flaunt some color too.
Now, the ingenious illusion – mirrors. There are endless things you can fill your homes with, but mirrors are just one of those that will leave homes incomplete in their absence. Place them across the color concentrated walls and corners of your house and they will reflect the color. You can choose to add a colorful frame around them as well. Creative installations made of mirrors are available on the market nowadays. You will find it quite interesting to see what mirrors can bring to your décor.
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