Buying A Towel Online? Here's What You Need To Know

Buying A Towel Online? Here's What You Need To Know

Story@Home is one of India’s leading home decor and furnishings brands, a venture by Elite Decor Private Limited, which is based outside of Vadodara in Gujarat. The company has been successful in bringing innovative home decor solutions into the spotlight while offering a diverse range of furnishings products for decorating every nook and corner of modern homes of today.


If you are looking to buy a towel online, then you should always keep a few pointers in mind. It should be stated that towels are not to be trifled with. Pick the wrong material and texture and you will be regretting it literally! Pick the wrong colour and design and it may turn into an eyesore as well. Hence, it is vital that you make your choice carefully by way of the towel type that you opt for along with the design and style.


There are many home furnishings products like bed linen, curtains, flooring, bath, furniture, and other accessories available in the store. If you wish to purchase towels online, then you must visit the Story@Home website and place an order now. In the towel sets section, you get different categories like cotton bath towels, face towelsand hand towelsBuying a towel is a matter of personal choice and need. Therefore, to buy the perfect towels online you must keep the following tips in mind:

  • Do not end up buying towels that have been softened using softeners. As they will become rough after one wash. Always look at the contents of the towel mentioned on the label to have a better understanding of the material. 
  • You must look for 100% combed cotton as they are cozy. Combed cotton protects the towel from pilling. The shorter threads removed in the combed cotton helps in keeping the towel stronger. This is an essential aspect that you should not forget by all means.
  • Always opt for denser and tighter packed loops. The absorbency level of the towel depends on its density.
  • A high-quality towel is said to be heavier than a cheap quality one. It is also more absorbent than the lighter ones. More volume means more absorbency as well.
  • To check the durability of the towel, you must see the double stitching with double-turned edges. Double-stitched towels reduce fraying.
  • You must make sure to look at the care label. It is essential to know the procedure of washing before putting it in the washing machine. Every material comes with different washing instructions. 
  • You must not use chlorine if it says not to use it. Towels do not need to be bleached, as it weakens the fiber. Hence, making the towel less absorbent.
  • Do not forget to fluff or shake out the towel after washing it. This step makes the towel fluffy organically after drying. You should fluff it again after removing it from the dryer for best results.
  • In case your towel set is pilling, you can use sticky tape to press on it and lift the balls.


These handy tips will be of great help with regard to choosing the right towel for your needs. Make sure that you put in a little time and effort while choosing your towels. This will serve you well in the long run. Remember that nothing is trivial or unimportant. Choosing a towel is as important as picking out other important home decor items and furnishings. A towel is an important accessory with a direct bearing on your health, hygiene and happiness levels. Choose wisely.



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