The decor of a studio apartment takes a different turn than usual home decor. If you live in one you must be well aware of that. The space is not much and definitely no segregation of rooms. Nevertheless, there is meaning to space division. Some thoughtful inputs might help you.
Your bed is certainly not your living room space. Usual bed frames can take up a lot of space in a studio apartment. For the very reason a pull-out or sofa cum bed is recommended. It conveniently folds up into a settee at daytime after a serving as a bed at night. 

Although, if you have invested in a bed instead, mark the territory by a play of colors. Of course dividers remain an option. But say you placed a bold colored sofa and eye-catchy coffee table at the other end of the room, it will allow your bed space to breathe.

Other ways to anchor a zone in studio apartments are to make use of art. Carve out areas with elements that act as a strong focal point. Striking prints and colors will help the cause. Make use of area rugs and floor runners, book shelves, paintings.

Compact furniture and storage will save you plenty room for better use. When you shop look specifically for folding cabinets and storage.


A studio can feel too small a place sometimes. Try avoiding that by raising the ceiling. Well not literally of course, but you can create an illusion of it. Install your curtain rods as far up as possible to fake a high ceiling.


It gets essential to save the apartment from overfill. Managing space becomes crucial, so keep it minimal. But that doesn’t mean dull. Whatever little you do accommodate can permeate exuberance. Choose items that stand out.

Furthermore, choose uninteresting color palette for your studio apartment to enliven the space.

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