A house is as well designed as can the designer imagine. You are the whole and sole behind your home and its design language. Go wild with your imagination and bring out the flair in you. Your decor aesthetic will be as original as you can make it. Try unusual things and stand out. Here’s a nudge to your creative side.
The kitchen! A very functional spot of your home. We keep the best of our kitchen wares in storage that we access occasionally. Bring those out already. Make use of the traditional open shelves to showcase your prized possessions, your creative collection. You can also place some planters on these shelves among others things.

You see tables and you see chairs. Break the sets and make your own collection. Gather the best individual chairs and table you find that suit your style, and make a set designed originally by you. Mix and match.

Speaking of mix and match, you can give that a try with your living room furniture as well. Wicker chairs or cane furniture gives a nice outdoor or coastal feel. Bring them in to blend with your homely and comfortable other pieces for an in-house holiday. Also, throw in some wrought iron paraphernalia. A mixed bag is always the most exiting.


Rugs are meant for floors, yes. But who says you can’t hang them on the wall. It is a piece of art after all. So can table runners be. Frame them, hang them.

Take a creative stool, turn it into a side table. Hey, they are even easy to move around. Try one or a combination of 2 or 3.

Swap your old lamp shades and maybe repurpose the old ones into overcasting some ceiling bulbs. Try to create something like a lampshade chandelier. You can also try a hand at DIY here - use just the frame or embroider design onto the old wrap. Innovative, right?


This one you might have seen in places already - reusing jars and bottles to hold planters, or candles. But theres always some extra of those lying around.


Take some china and ceramics with interesting designs and hang them on your wall. Like I said earlier, showcase your creative sense. There can never be too much art on the walls anyway, can there?


Every home has an assemblage of extra or old and used items. The upside is always in decluttering and up-cycling. There is no end to this spree, as long as you keep your mind op

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