It festive season is in for Indians already. Starting with the month of August till the end of the year all important Indian festivals are lined up from Ganesh Chaturthi to Diwali. We will be entertaining more guests than usual at homes. Best way to be ready for the upcoming is to bring a little festive twist in our homes. Retouch your decor with some characteristic details. Let me show you how.
Pick one wall in your house that outshines the rest and give it color. Wallpaper, paint, artworks, make your choice and draw the eyes to your creative corner.

Mirrors are big this season, so choose some nicely framed mirrors. Maybe try something with a hint of tradition or antiquity.

Instate some traditional prints and fabrics like silk, chanderi, ikat, batik. Think of upholstery, curtains, cushion covers, or bed sheets. Block prints give out a classy vibe if done right. Zari embroidery is great or embellishments.


Spread traditional carpets and rugs. Select these to accentuate your decor. Make sure napkins, linens, table runners, door mats are in place. Air fresheners for washrooms, and placemats for dining table. Hospitality should be prioritised. Don’t forget to align these with the decor too.


Bring out the best china and silver wares, and also decorative show pieces. We made those buys for this time of the year. Be prepared when the guests come calling.

Ensure the lighting in your house is sufficient. Install new if needed. You could also change some fixtures for better ones. Illuminated space is more stimulating.

Fresh flowers and candles will help soothe the atmosphere. It will hold all in unity. Invest in attractive vases, pots and candle stands.

There is so much you can do around your homes for more festivity. These elementary hacks will allow you to be prepared for unannounced visitation while they up your decor game in no time.

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