Bathrooms are given consideration upon the time of construction, yes; but are they ever redecorated enough? We spend endless time and fortune updating all our rooms, but how often is bathroom redone? Surely, some knick-knacks can be tempted in this domain too.
Let’s begin with the mirror. The market has a variety of designs in mirrors so wide, it can’t be exhausted if we changed one every month. Certainly a new style of mirror can be found suitable for your bathroom update. Change the size or the shape, the frame or the place.

Change the shelves. A ladder shelf would make up for a creative appearance. Try experimenting with reliefs in walls, perhaps. Change the shelf fixtures for something contemporary; a different metal for instance. Don’t forget to coordinate all fixtures though.


Wall papers can work for bath too, did you know that? A waterproof wall paper can adorn your bath walls, or maybe just one accent wall.

Artworks can enhance the place just as much. Bring in paintings, photo frames, or sculptures. Old ceramics and china will add a hint of charming antiquity. Decorate a high shelf with used-up perfume bottles. This trick can do wonders. Not only will the fancy bottles infuse swank, but the fragrance will always linger on and eliminate any odours.

Plants will bring a tranquil and restorative energy in your bathing quarters. As refreshing as they are, plants are apt decor elements of bathrooms. They will also make provision for decorative vases and pots.

Shower curtains needn’t be so functional and monotonous. Install colourful and printed curtains in your bathrooms.


Think of lights not as necessity serving fixtures but decorative elements. While lighting can make a place dull, it can also make it glam. Be selective.

Furthermore, you can play around with the bath mats, placement of towels and linens, soaps and lotions, and so forth.

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