How To Organise Your Kid's Room In 5 Steps

How To Organise Your Kid's Room In 5 Steps

The children’s bedroom is one of the brightest and most vibrant spaces in the house, but most kids’ bedrooms are quite poorly designed. If you’re thinking of rehauling your child’s room in simple ways and without breaking the bank, this blog is for you.

From buying new bed sheets to getting quirky wall art, the following are 5 steps to organise and decorate your kid’s room:

#1 Get wall art featuring their favourite comic/superhero characters.

The walls are the most noticeable surface in any room, and your child’s room is no different. You can leave them bare, but most children appreciate putting up their own drawings, or having colourful wallpaper, or even different wall paints. Being more tactile than adults, they love textures even more. You can try textured paint in different colours (but be warned that it is quite tough to clean!) An easier fix is to buy wall art featuring your child’s favourite cartoon or superhero characters. However, make sure that the wall art is inexpensive and easily removable, so that it can be replaced with something else when your child gets older and develops other favourites.

#2 Get bunk beds if two children will share the room.

We advocate the use of a single bed if the room is to be used by just one child, or bunk beds if there are two kids using it. Being a smaller-sized individual, a single bed is more suited to a child’s frame than a double bed, which might feel huge. Another point to consider is that a single bed or bunk bed takes up much less floor space, leaving the rest of the floor free for exploration and play. Align the bed along the wall to free up the floor as much as possible, then plan other furniture placement afterward. Finish the bed area with a night lamp and bedside table.

#3 Get bedding that they will love.

Your child needs to sleep at least nine hours a night for proper physical and mental development. Deep sleep is conducive to their growth, and it is ensured by a comfortable bed and bedding that feels snug and warm. Invest in colourful cotton bedsheets featuring their favourite colours and cartoon characters. Make sure to get cotton bedsheets online from our store, designed especially for children and single bed users. Your child is sure to pick their favourites from our single bedsheet collection, so ask them which ones they like before buying.

#4 Use bright colours.

Children love bright colours, and they are often not impressed by the muted tones you suggest for them. You might have a uniform colour scheme for the rest of the house but do break the visual monotony for the children’s room. This is a vibrant space full of life and sparkle, and the walls and furniture must reflect your child’s adorable energy and vitality. That is not to say that you must use every colour known to man on the walls and have multi-coloured furniture – far from it. Instead, have two of the walls in a bright colour (hang wall art on these) and pastel shades on the remaining (with design elements and motifs painted as an overlay). The furniture can be coloured in the same shade as the walls, but not the exact same hue – and do let your child decorate them with radium stickers and other things!

#5 Create more storage – and be creative about it.

Your child has a lot of stuff, and we mean, a LOT of it. There are clothes, books, shoes, toys, bags and gadgets. If there isn’t enough storage, most of these items will remain dumped on the floor or on the bed. You must create adequate storage that can hold all these items when not in use to minimise clutter and give the room a better visual appeal. But the storage must be creatively made – it must be accessible for your child and be fun to use so that your child is motivated to clear up instead of leaving a mess.

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