What goes into the mind of people who come to your place for the first time, somebody who steps in to your house for the first time will judge the appearance of your home with that of contrasting home furnishing items and curtains are a major game changer where it plays a very important role in setting the ambience of your house.

There are so many things that needs to be taken care of like curtains that define you and your mood, curtains that make you feel secure, curtains that give your house a sense of liveliness on different occasions. We know you don’t like lacking behind anywhere when it comes to your image therefore bringing you the perfect curtains that reflect you and keeps up with trends. From Precision/ Casual to Richness, Jacquard curtains are the ideal partner.


What are Jacquard curtains?

Jacquard is a class of fabric with a design woven on it in a detailed manner. The highlight of Jacquard is that the design is woven and not digitally printed. With many designs and colors jacquard curtains are always a priority preference for all.

Jacquard curtains are stylish and durable, it has an edge over other curtains as unlike the printed and or stamped designs, the woven pattern on the curtains won’t fade away.

With so many designs and patterns jacquard curtains give you all the feels that you want, be it Royal, Gloomy, mature, candid.


Another win-win of jacquard curtains is its Room Darkening feature, Jacquard curtains blocks as much as 70% of the sunlight which not only enhances the ambience but also controls the temperature of the place making it more relaxing.

The Eyelets of the curtains has the contrasting color and vibe as of the curtains. The eyelets and the curtains creatively go hand in hand satisfying your inner designer.

Moreover, just for your convenience & to avoid any damage to the curtains and to the eyelets during the wash you can easily detach the eyelets from the curtain and place it back once done with the wash. Isn't it a piece of cake? We hate to give you a tough time with the curtains.

Curtain Eyelets
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