The Best Gifts For Your Just-Married Child

The Best Gifts For Your Just-Married Child

Your child is about to enter a magical phase of their lives – they’ve recently got married and you couldn’t be happier for them. They are currently exploring marital bliss, and as a parent, you wish to gift them things for the house they share with their spouse. We’ve got a list of helpful suggestions:

#1 New quilts and dohars.

The bedroom is the most special place in the house, because a person retires to it for rest and relaxation. It is a refuge from the world, and your child now shares it with their spouse soon. Make the sleeping experience a happier one by gifting your child and their partner with new quilts. These look gorgeous on the bed and have high utility for years. Your child will love the feel and cosiness of a well-made quilt blanket, especially when they sleep in an air-conditioned room or when the weather turns cold. We’ve got a wide range of bed quilts and dohar blankets to choose from, in both single and double variants, so start browsing and ordering.

#2 Dinner sets and place mats.

Another great gift for your soon betrothed child is a gorgeous dinner set. It need not be a delicate crystal set that requires a great deal of maintenance. Just pick a set that your child and their family can use every day. In the initial days of the marriage, they will have several friends and family members coming over to visit, and they might even throw a few dinner parties for them. Dinner sets comprising plates, serving dishes, bowls and glasses are ideal for these occasions. Over time, your child will use the set in daily life once they have a family of their own.

#3 Wall art.

Every home must have a piece de resistance in the form of a glamorous painting on the wall. Wall art becomes a good talking point when visitors come. Besides, it makes the space around it look elegant and sophisticated. You know your child’s likes and interests, or maybe they already have a favourite artist. Invest in a stunning piece of that artist’s work for your child’s living room, or a set of smaller canvasses for the bedroom. When you choose different canvasses, make sure there is uniformity in size and theme, but not colour and design. Also, it is better to choose canvasses that go with the overall design ethos of the house.

#4 A stunning living room carpet.

The living room is a place where all members of the family spend most of their daytime hours. The family eats, watches TV, converses with each other and spends desultory time in the living room. As such, the living room must be tastefully designed and fully functional for a growing household. While you can leave the designing aspects to your child and their partner, you can still add to the décor with a gorgeous carpet for their living room. We’ve got a range of runner and large carpets to choose from in different sizes, colours and designs. Do take a look at our range before you make your selection.

#5 Statement pieces for the home.

A home is not just a dwelling for people inside it, but a place of sanctuary and peace for them. It must be both comfortable and alluring. While it must first install the necessary furniture items in every room, apart from electronic appliances and fixtures, it is the small touches that lend an air of beauty to the home. These can come via runner rugs for the living room and bedroom, a large terracotta lamp in the corner with its own light source, an awe-inspiring chandelier over the dining table, and a neatly arranged set of exotic indoor plants at various points in the house. These hint at refined design sensibilities of the house’s owners.

A wonderful new chapter with Story@Home

Whether it is cotton dohars or floor rugs, curtains or carpets, we’ve got everything you need to gift your child in this exciting new phase of their lives. With Story@Home, house decoration becomes easy and pleasurable. Do check out our wide range of home furnishing and furniture items to select what your child will love and cherish and forever.

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