Usher In The Festive Season In Style With 4 Gift Ideas

Usher In The Festive Season In Style With 4 Gift Ideas

Though the year 2020 was a disaster with the Coronavirus pandemic gripping the world and a deadly second wave marking the year 2021, it is human nature to rise again with renewed hope. The festive season will soon be upon us, and it is time to rid yourself of unpleasant memories and usher in new special moments in your life. You should buy yourself and your loved ones something really special to celebrate your good health and togetherness.

Make this festive season special for your loved ones with the best gifts. Looking for gifting ideas? Start off with these 4 suggestions:

#1 Gift wall art.

One of the best and simplest gifting ideas for the festive season is wall art. And it is surprisingly easy to buy as well – just browse our online collection to pick from among the best in this category. However, be a bit careful about picking out wall art – it is a personal gift and not everybody may share your aesthetic sense. So, a painting that looks great to your eyes may not be fully appreciated by the giftee. If they already have wall art, it is easier for you to judge what appeals to them. If they don’t, you can get landscapes, or abstract themes, or even religious motifs that they will appreciate. This is wall décor that looks great and adds a wonderful aesthetic to the living room or bedroom. And it’s a thoughtful present, too.

#2 A home furnishings overhaul is a great idea.

Some people like to be gifted home furnishing items like curtains and rugs but be a little careful about doing so. Some level of closeness is expected when gifting home furnishing items, or it may be misconstrued. For example, it is fine to gift your sister with a new carpet for the living room if she has shifted to her new home but showing up to a boss’s Diwali party with new curtains may not be taken kindly. However, by and large, these items are a great gift if you know the recipient well. Choose from between curtains, wall décor (such as paintings or wall clocks), rugs, carpets, etc.

#3 Add some green to someone’s life.

Nobody will ever say they don’t like plants – even looking at a natural green space is so calming to the eyes and mind. People living in cities like Mumbai do not have as much access to open green spaces as people in smaller cities and towns, and urban folk often yearn for a green touch to their daily lives. If one cannot maintain a garden or have access to a leafy glade near home, one may always take care of a few potted plants. Why not buy a few lovely planters and pots to gift your friend or family member? You can buy them in a variety of colours, sizes, and materials. While earthen pots are the best, you can also experiment with colours and different materials like terracotta, plastic, rubber and stone. With the planters and pots, you can also buy soil, suitable flowering or non-flowering plants, and a few packets of soil fertilising tablets to complete the gift.

#4 Everybody appreciates quality bedding.

A luxury mattress, bedsheets to match and a comforter to complete the tableau…high quality bedding is a blessing if one wants a cosy bedroom that looks stunning, too. A comfortable bed makes it possible to sleep deeply and well, and good quality sleep is possible with good quality bedding. Why not gift a loved one with stunning new cotton bedsheets, or a cosy new comforter or even a double quilt? We have a new range of cotton bedsheets for the festive season that you will love to gift and also buy for yourself this festive season, so start shopping!

Start the festivities with Story@Home

The festive season is all about coming together to celebrate a shared bond at special times of the year. It’s about gifting and receiving gifts, and we make it easier to pick the right presents with our extensive collection of bedding, home furnishing, décor, furniture and so much more. Let Story@Home light up your festive season with the choicest picks and gifting options
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