What's Hot In The Bedding Department? We Tell You

What's Hot In The Bedding Department? We Tell You

It has been a tough 2020 and the year 2021 is not progressing too well, either. But we’ve all wallowed in our collective gloom for quite a while. It’s time to shake off the unhappiness of the days gone by and bring in some novelty. Why not rehaul your bedding and home furnishing?

With the COVID-19 pandemic advancing rapidly around the world, every country responded with lockdowns in 2020. India, too, embraced the WFH (Work from Home) culture and even today, a majority of the urban working population continues to work remotely instead of attending office. With people staying home to work, commute times were removed from the equation and there was suddenly more free time to devote to rest, recreation, spending time with the family, watching shows and films, etc.

Most people used their COVID-induced isolation to spruce up their bedrooms. As a result, there was increased demand for new bedding and bedroom furnishing. This trend continues to this day, so let’s check out the hottest items in bedding this year:

  • Dual colour comforters

With people spending more time indoors and with the weather turning topsy turvy at a moment’s notice, people’s dependence on air-conditioners and coolers has increased dramatically. It is essential for a good night’s rest and to breathe purer air. However, air-conditioning can also reduce the room temperature drastically, so you need to have a good comforter or dohar blanket to keep your warm and toasty even on the coldest nights. The latest trend in bed comforters is buying dual colour cotton comforters online – we’ve seen a high uptick in clients picking our lovely dual tone comforters that offer either side of use with different colours. We also have floral motifs in our dohar blankets and cotton quilts. The comforters are quilted and thick for maximum comfort and high utility.

  • Ethnic and vintage prints in bedsheets

Bedsheets are also in high demand this year, and people are moving away from the oft-repeated floral and geometric prints. Instead, there has been a rise in unusual prints such as retro and vintage prints. We have an amazing collection of graphic print and vintage retro bedsheets in our online store, so do browse the collection and buy what you love the most. These bedsheets give your room a zany but classy look, and speak volumes about your personal design aesthetic, too.

  • Mattress protectors

With so many people getting time at home to spend with each other, a big trend in 2020 and which continues in 2021 is to implement decisions that were hitherto put off for lack of time and energy, such a having a child and/or a pet. A lot of people got dogs and cats as pets since they could devote time to taking care of them. Ditto for planning children. However, with both human and furry four-legged babies, there is one vital point most people overlook: they both have frequent ‘accidents’! Whether an infant or a puppy or kitten, they spend a lot of time sleeping or being awake on the bed, and may end up defecating or vomiting on it. You need a good mattress protector that saves the mattress from stains and germs forming at the site of the accident. We have a wide range of mattress protectors as per bed sizes and thickness.

  • Retro print curtains

Just like vintage and retro prints in bedsheets, retro print and graphic print curtains are also in vogue. These look great in a bedroom with a muted colour scheme and a few whimsical wall art pieces on the wall. Get cotton curtains when you’re browsing through home furnishing items because they are light, and easy to clean and maintain. We have excellent options in retro curtains if you’re interested.

Create bedroom magic with Story@Home

Whatever your design or size needs, we have a bed linen or furnishing product to match. Start browsing our collection today to find what your bedroom needs the most. Why stop at bedding? Get new rugs, tables, chairs and even organisers to beautify your bedroom and make it more functional. If you’ve got an idea for your bedroom, we have the product to match your vision.



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