5 Effective Vastu Tips to Place your Wall Clocks in the Right Direction!

5 Effective Vastu Tips to Place your Wall Clocks in the Right Direction!

Time is an integral part of everyone’s life, and installing it in the right direction can bring in positive energy and avoid ill-effects in your homes or offices.  

Usually, clocks are placed wherever we’d find them comfortable. We don’t even give a second thought about whether the location is right or wrong.  

The simple fact is that most of us hang our clocks at a place where we can easily know the time. That shouldn’t be the case!  

Having said that, there are several Vastu rules to take into account while positioning antique wall clocks in your home. 

Vastu is something everyone talks about, but few of them implement it in their homes.

Vastu shastra (also known as ‘science of architecture) is an ancient architectural belief system that deals with the principles designed to make the most use of environment and climate as its dominant factors. It describes the principles of designs, ground and space preparations, layout, measurements and spacial geometry.

It incorporates 8000-year-old traditional Hindu and Buddhist beliefs. All the designs focus on integrating architecture with nature, the relative functions of various parts of the structure, and ancient beliefs utilising geometric patterns, symmetry, and directional alignments. (1)

Without much ado, let's slip down to know a few Vastu tips to keep in mind before hanging your clock.  

5 Powerful Vastu Tips to Imbibe in your Home for Positive Vibes 

Repair or replace non-working clocks 

As per Vastu experts, stopped clocks resemble a lack of progression and may bring bad omen in one’s life. It harbours many negative emotions and energies. 

Make sure to keep your clock running 24/7/365. You can compare the time shown on the clock with your own life. This way, you will take the utmost care of your wall clocks.

 It’s essential to keep your clocks in good shape by keeping it right on time – never forward or behind (even by 2-3 mins!). 

Let your clock face Santa's abode

Your wall clock must face the north direction or Santa's home. This is something you might have heard from your grandmother. It's believed that clocks that face the northern lights will bring you good fortune and happiness too. 

The Northern direction belongs to Lord Ganesha and the gold of wealth, Kubera who is believed to rule over the north while Devendra, the king of Gods, is considered to be dominant in the east. 

Also, the north direction is ruled by the planet Mercury which stands for better communication and business. 

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Place wall clocks towards the orient

Earlier, the eastern world was known as 'orient'. As per Vastu, your wall clock should be placed in the east direction (in case north is not an option at your place). 

This direction is governed by the sun and brings quality in the actions or karmas we perform. It's an old saying that cooking in the east direction can enhance the taste of your food. It's the same with wall clocks. 

Placing your clock in the east direction can improve the quality of your work and relationships in the family as it's considered to nurture family relations.

Choose the right type of wall clocks

As per Vaastu, it's recommended that clocks hanging in the northern direction should be metallic; either grey or white. Wall clocks placed in the east direction should be made up of wood as east represents wood. 

Clocks with pendulums are preferred in homes as they tend to oscillate good vibrations. While clocks with reflective glass should never be placed in a way that it reflects the bedroom or the front door as they signify the idea of time fading away from you. 

Clock placement is necessary

Your favourite wall clock Vastu direction can be anywhere in the home except for the south. Refrain placing wall clocks in the south as it's considered as the direction of Yama and in Hindu scriptures, Yama is considered as the god of death. 

Make sure you consider the following Vaastu tips: 

  • Wall clocks should be placed inside the house A-L-W-A-Y-S
  • A wall clock should never be hung over a doorway.
  • For newlywed couples, antique wall clocks should be placed away from the bed facing the eastern side.
  • The wall clock should not face any door.
  • If the person in the room sleeps in the southern direction, then the clock must be in the north.
  • The clock must be placed in a position where it can be easily observed.
  • Avoid using clocks that depict negative energy like wars, grief, loneliness, etc. 


We, Story@home hope that you have understood the importance of the proper placement of the wall clock according to Vastu. 

  • Never fix the clock in south, south-west, and south-east direction of the house as it affects the punctuality of the people. 
  • Placing a clock in the west or south should be your last option. North and East directions are believed to rule over the north. 
  • Make sure all the clocks in your home are fixed below the level of door frames and doors. Clocks that are not working, damaged or very old should not be kept on walls since they spread negative energy in the house. 
  • Avoid keeping wall clock away from the wall where the headrest of the bed is placed. 
  • Never display clocks outside the house. 

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