Top 3 Essentials For A Classy And Cosy Bedroom This Season

Top 3 Essentials For A Classy And Cosy Bedroom This Season

The bedroom is not just a place where one retires for the night. It is the most sacred space in the house because it is a space where one is most comfortable and in tune with themselves. You don’t need to put up a front or pretend to be someone else, because the bedroom is only for your personal use and that of your partner. You can do what you want, dress how you like and sleep as much as you need in the bedroom.

However, your bedroom must a suitably cosy space for you to be able to enjoy a good night’s sleep, or have positive emotions about. Too often, bedrooms that are cluttered, unclean, and not designed for functional use, are not the inspiring places of repose that one would imagine. To extract the maximum happiness and peace out of a bedroom, it must be a cosy and well-designed room.

Here are 3 essentials for the cosiest bedroom ever:

#1 Curtains to match the room and control the light.

Curtains are an often-underrated item of room décor. Most people view them only as implements that screen the windows from view or direct sunlight. However, when chosen for the right colour and length, home curtains or bedroom curtains can go a long way in raising the aesthetic profile of the space. Get colourful bedroom curtains in cotton and note the difference they make to your bedroom. If your room’s windows face the West or South, the space will receive direct glare that makes it uncomfortable to be in the room at that time. If you face this problem, then you should consider buying blackout curtains for your bedroom. We have a superb range of blackout curtains online, while you can also browse our collection for living room curtains, shower curtains and other bathroom curtains.

#2 New bedding.

Nothing makes the bedroom cosier than a well-made bed. The mattress must be plump and plush, the bed sheets must be attractive and freshly laundered, and the sleeping space must be well-defined and airy. The bed draws the attention immediately upon entering the room, and your bedding must be clean and fresh always. Overhaul your bedding by investing in new bedsheets, a couple of comforters and pillowcases to match your bedsheets. If you are buying two single comforters for a double bed (in case the two users want individual comforters) then either match them perfectly (just buy two units of the same design and size) or two contrasting ones in two different hues. Meanwhile, choose bedsheets in designs and colours that complement the room’s design ethos and colour scheme. Ensure that all your bedding is 100% cotton so that it does not overheat and is easy to clean and maintain for several years.

#3 Floor rugs.

Some mornings get really cold, and to put your feet on an icy floor can be a daunting task. Besides, some people suffer from foot pain arising from Plantar Fasciitis, or a sprain or water retention. You may ease your troubles by wearing bedroom slippers, but the cold temperature of the floor can still seep through the soles. Get around this problem by getting gorgeous floor rugs to lay on either side of the bed. These cushion your feet, insulate against extremes of temperature, and look so stunning, too. You can choose floor rugs for plushness, length, width, colour, pattern and material. However, ensure that they do not become a tripping hazard, especially if you are installing them in children’s or senior citizens’ bedrooms. Also be sure to mop up spills or vacuum up food crumbs because these cause bacterial infestations and mould. Pets and infants may also inadvertently eat these impurities.

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Whether a small bedroom for a single person’s use or a larger room for a couple, we understand the sanctity of the space. And so, we have a range of bed and bath linen, curtains for the home, rugs, napkins and even furniture items to adorn the space and make it personable. Browse our collection to decorate your bedroom this season.

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